So much to see, so much to do!

At ‘la Tortue Bleue’ you can enjoy a wonderful beach holiday. But if you want something more, we will happily organize all kinds of excursions and activities:

  • Mountainbike on the beach or inland
  • Fish BBQ on the beach
  • Daytrip to the kingdom of Mofovi, inland tyical Diola villages, with a passage in a small pirogue (treeboat) and lunch in open air
  • Visit to the local artists
  • Daytrip to the coastal villages with a visit to the Ecoparc and the open air museum 
  • Daytrip to Punta, spotting of dolphins, mamakins, lot of different birds
  • Camping in the bush
  • Trips over water with piroques, the local boats made out of trees
  • ‘soirée Sénégalèse’, a typical music and dancing party
  • …. And so much more

Your wish is our command.

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